Superannuation Strategy

As you approach the golden years of retirement, it’s completely natural to feel concerned about your financial security. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Superannuation plays a crucial role in this phase of life; it isn’t simply a retirement nest egg, it’s a strategic resource that, with smart tax-efficient planning, can pave the way to a retirement that’s as rewarding as it is relaxing.

At Evalesco, we recognise the immense value that a well-managed superannuation fund can add to your life. That’s why we don’t just focus on the numbers; we take a holistic approach to your superannuation planning. Our goal is to nurture and grow your investment so that, by the time you retire, you’ll have a financial cushion substantial enough to not just meet but exceed your lifestyle aspirations.

Why Retirement Planning Goes Beyond Superannuation

While superannuation alone can provide a foundation, it’s the strategic planning that truly fortifies your financial security.

Research indicates that the average superannuation balance at the time of retirement is in the order of $197,000* for men and only $105,000* for women. That is well below what is needed for a half-decent retirement and means that most Australians will be forced to rely on the age pension.

With the average super balance at retirement well below comfort levels, it’s clear that merely relying on super contributions won’t suffice. Retirement planning in Sydney has never been more critical. You need to have an effective superannuation strategy where your hard-earned money works just as hard as you have.

Our Evalesco Approach

At Evalesco we’re passionate about unlocking the full potential of superannuation for our clients. Located in the heart of Sydney, we understand that superannuation is not just a footnote in your financial portfolio, it’s a powerhouse for tax-effective retirement planning. Yet, despite its significance, superannuation often remains one of the most underutilised and misunderstood investment tools.

It’s important to note that you’re not simply bound to the super fund your first employer selects, you have the autonomy to choose a fund that resonates with your financial aspirations at any stage of life. Why settle for less when you can have a super fund that grows with you, adapting to your needs through every twist and turn?

That’s where we come in. You don’t have to wade through the maze of available super funds to locate that perfect match on your own. Our role as dedicated financial planners in Sydney is to sift through the vast options, carve out innovative strategies, and carefully put together a superannuation plan tailor-made for you. At Evalesco, we’re committed to broadening your horizons in retirement planning and ensuring your superannuation is working as hard as you do.

Our Comprehensive Process

At Evalesco, we don’t just offer advice, we provide clarity and a solution that reflects your financial aspirations. Our superannuation planning follows the following process:
We discuss your financial goals and aspirations as well as any challenges you may have
We analyse your current financial situation and look to identity potential strategies
We develop and present a range of strategies designed to fulfil your objectives, allowing you to compare and choose the most suitable approach and discuss the recommended strategies with you, ensuring clarity and understanding
Upon your approval through the Authority to Proceed, we execute the chosen strategy efficiently and meticulously
Review your financial plan, advise any changes to your circumstances, and investment portfolio


When it comes to securing your future, a well-crafted superannuation strategy is pivotal in ensuring comfort and stability during retirement. By engaging in proactive retirement planning, you lay a strong foundation for a financially secure future.

The benefits of a superannuation strategy extend beyond mere savings, they encompass tax advantages, compound interest, and investment opportunities that can significantly bolster your nest egg. Such strategies can be designed to meet individual needs, providing flexibility in contributions and investment choices as you transition through different life stages.
Most importantly, a robust superannuation plan can offer peace of mind that your retirement will be as rewarding as your working years. With professional guidance, you can optimise your superannuation strategy for a smooth financial voyage into retirement.

Determining the perfect moment to transition into retirement is a critical decision that requires thoughtful consideration. The concept of the right retirement age is highly personal and varies depending on one’s financial health, lifestyle aspirations, and social security benefits eligibility.

With careful retirement planning, a financial adviser can guide you to identify a realistic timeframe that aligns with your long-term financial goals. Your adviser will consider your savings, investment portfolio, and other income sources to craft a personalised strategy, ensuring that you can enjoy your golden years with stability and peace of mind.

It’s important to note that the goal of retirement planning is not just to leave the workforce, but to sustain the quality of life you desire after your working years.


When contemplating retirement planning, a common question we encounter is, “How much superannuation do I need to retire?” The answer, while not one-size-fits-all, hinges on the lifestyle you envision for your retirement years. Typically, factors such as your life expectancy, health, and desired activities post-retirement play crucial roles in determining the ideal amount. It’s about finding the right balance that affords financial security without compromising on the quality of your golden years.

To ensure that your superannuation nest egg is adequate, it’s prudent to consider consulting with a financial adviser who can help tailor a plan to your specific circumstances, taking into account inflation, investment returns, and any government entitlements you may receive.

At Evalesco, our goal is to work alongside you to chart a course for a comfortable retirement, where ‘super’ is not just a fund, but the foundation of your peace of mind.


Superannuation may seem like a complex concept, but it’s essentially your financial springboard into retirement. Think of it as a nest egg that grows through employer contributions, your own deposits, and investment returns. Its purpose is to provide you with a stream of income once you’ve transitioned from career to retirement life.

At its heart, superannuation is a long-term investment strategy, diligently working in the background, compounding your savings and bolstering your future financial security.

With strategic planning, it ensures that when your working days are over, you can step into your golden years with confidence and comfort. Whether you’re midway in your career or your career is nearing its end, understanding the nuances of superannuation is paramount in paving the way towards a fulfilling retirement.

They sure can, you have every right to seek advice about your superannuation, as it is a pivotal element of retirement planning. A financial adviser possesses the expertise to offer guidance tailored specifically to your needs and aspirations. They can provide insightful superannuation advice that not only aligns with your future goals but also ensures you make the most of your investment.

Opting for professional input can be the keystone in constructing a more secure and prosperous retirement landscape. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to gain clarity on your superannuation and map out a strategy that works for you.


Navigating the complexities of super management can be both daunting and time-consuming. While it’s possible for individuals to manage their own super, engaging a financial adviser can provide you with tailored advice that aligns with your unique financial situation and long-term goals.

A financial adviser doesn’t just bring expertise in superannuation, they offer insights and strategies that could potentially enhance your retirement savings dramatically. Whether you’re starting early, preparing for retirement, or somewhere in between, a financial adviser can lend that strategic edge to super management, ensuring that your decisions are both informed and astute.

Don’t leave your retirement to chance. Whether you’re a savvy investor or a financially aware individual aiming for more than what the average retirement offers, here at Evalesco we hold the key to unlocking your superannuation’s full potential.

Choose Evalesco for your superannuation planning to ensure a solid financial foundation for your retirement. Our expert financial advisers craft personalised strategies aimed at maximising your savings, so you can enjoy a worry-free and comfortable retirement lifestyle. Start your retirement planning in Sydney with us and transition into your golden years with confidence and prosperity.

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