New event – Behavioural Finance

Save the date of 22 October for our next webinar when Jeff and Bruce will discuss all you need to know about the very hot topic of Behavioural Finance.

  • What is behavioural finance? 
  • How our biases affect us on a daily basis 
  • What is the cost to us if we act on these biases? 
  • Can we avoid our biases entirely?  
  • How we help our clients avoid behavioural mistakes? 

When: Thursday 22 October, 12.30pm-1.15pm AEST

Who: Jeff Thurecht and Bruce Grieve

Recording: Of course, we’ll record the webinar and send it to you, so register anyway.

Cost: Free!

Topic: Behavioural Finance

Join us at out webinar  – Click here to register

Past event – Ethical and sustainable investing

In this webinar Jeff, Kathryn and Marshall discussed ethical and sustainable investing. Specifically:

– What does ethical investing mean?

– What is the difference between ESG and ethical investing?

– Does it have to cost more to invest ethically and will it impact on my returns?

– What are the different frameworks for sustainable and ethical investing?

– How do you access these types of investments?

– Can you tailor your investments to your areas of interest or concern?

– What does, or doesn’t, meet the criteria for ethical and sustainable investing?

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of the experts.

To view the webinar slides – click here 


Past event – Australian Property – Looking beyond the headlines

This webinar our Director Jeff discussed all things property with acclaimed property specialist John Pidgeon, Director and Head Property Coach of Solvere, an Online Property and Finance Academy. 

Click on the link below to watch the webinar

Past event – 2020 Financial strategies from two of Australia’s most trusted advisers

This webinar Evalesco Directors (and old mates) Jeff and Marshall discussed the tried and trusted financial strategies that have served clients well over time, with a particular emphasis on how they apply to current markets and conditions.

They’ll also discussed our investment philosophy and provided an update on some of the model portfolios we manage.

Past event – The Future of Investing

This webinar focuses on ‘The Future of Investing’ as we talk in detail about the regions and industries that are set to thrive in the post pandemic world. We discuss the investment philosophy behind the award-winning global investment fund and the companies that Franklin Templeton are investing in now.

Francyne Mu, Franklin Templeton’s Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst, joins us to give her insights into how you can benefit from investing with the professionals.

Past event – What Happens Next?

With more talk turning to relaxing of restrictions and kickstarting the economy, this webinar focuses on what’s happening now and what might happen next. We talk in detail about property, spending and saving, superannuation and insurance. Michael O’Dea, Perpetual’s Head of Multi-Asset, joins us to give his insights into what’s next for the economy and global investment markets.

Past event – Your options for navigating these challenging financial times

As communities continue to respond to COVID-19, we are here to support you during these challenging times. We bring you a complimentary webinar to discuss the government’s recent stimulus packages and what they mean for you. We will also provide you with an overview of how we are managing investment portfolios through these volatile times and will answer any questions you may have.



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