About us

At Evalesco our purpose is to empower our clients to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

We are in an incredibly privileged position, as we get to know more about our clients than pretty much anyone else. Through the deep and strong relationships we build we get to understand what, and who, is important to you, the complexities that you’re currently facing, your current reality, what keeps you awake at night and much more.

We are experts at creating and implementing financial plans for our clients.  It’s a role that we take seriously. We know that our clients financial lives are varied and often complex and that our clients expect us to take care of all aspects of their financial lives.  We’re here to simplify and create confidence. That’s what we do. But it goes further than that. What is the point of being wealthy if you’re unhappy or unhealthy? Wealth without health and happiness just doesn’t get the job done.

We want you to use your money to make choices about how to live your life, to get back some valuable time to do the things that are important to you, whilst having more certainty and less stress. That way, all the parts of your life can work in sync with each other.

Even though it’s serious business, we love working with our clients and having some fun along the way.

We are believers in the use of technology to create efficiencies and make our clients life easier.  In our mind technology complements the value and comfort of a trusted human relationship. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients beyond the numbers and beyond the screen.

We’ve been around for a while now.  We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of investment markets and we’ve learnt a lot from those experiences. We love sharing that experience to empower more people to be healthy, wealthy and happy. 


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