All you need to know about Melody

I see my role as a financial adviser as that of a project manager and financial coach. It starts with helping clients articulate their vision of their future and success, understanding their challenges and complexities and their starting point. From there, we build a comprehensive plan in partnership with our clients with timeframes and progress goals to have a clear strategy to ensure the highest chance of their achieving success.

As life progresses, I project manage their financial plan by tracking, reviewing and adjusting the plan to adapt to the changes that is life along the way.

I love to help people explore and envisage their version of success, being a partner to build a plan and empower them to achieve it. We all have one life to live, why not make it the best life possible? I am inspired by people who seek to make a positive impact on others and who continue to grow and develop.

Born and raised in Sydney as part of a Chinese Malaysian family, I’ve always been exposed to two different cultures. While it had its challenges growing up, I’ve embraced my dual identity and have come to appreciate the differences. I love the diversity of Sydney (and Australia), and the enriching experiences of different cultures and cuisines. I think that is why I love to travel so I can experience more of this.

For me, as a mum to two young kids, it can be a challenge to find the time to work on myself but I want to be a great example and role model to my two daughters, Leila and Kiana. I want to show them that to look after others effectively, you need to look after yourself – both physically and mentally.

Cherishing the time I spend with the girls and my husband, Stirling. Appreciating the good things in my life – my family, my health, and the experiences I share with friends. That is what makes me happiest.

I take my own financial advice and invest regularly, and even managed my own budget while on maternity leave during the start of the COVID pandemic. It is important to me to ensure our personal insurance plan remains sufficient to protect our family and our lifestyle now that our family has grown.

I’ve been with Evalesco since 2013 and prior to that I worked with another adviser for 7 years. 

Your favourite quote? 

A goal without a plan is just a wish 

Your top 3 favourite podcasts? 

Freakonomics, Planet Money and Radiolab 

What healthy, wealthy and happy means to you? 

Wellbeing is something that is often skewed and imbalanced without proper attention and focus. Wealth without health or happiness is worthless and they are all interconnected. It is important to look at wealth in the context of all aspects in life. For me, healthy, wealthy & happy means being fit and healthy so I can enjoy life to the fullest with my daughters and husband, fulfilling my passion working with a terrific team to help my wonderful clients and continually growing and learning. 

What are the values that drive you? 

Integrity, helping others (having a positive and meaningful impact on others), learning and personal and professional development, compassion and understanding. 


  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies 
  • Masters in Financial Planning 
  • Sub-Authorised Representative No. 333079 of Evalesco Financial Services 
  • Credit Representative No. 467955 of Evalesco Financial Services 

    Memberships and associations 

    • A member of the AFA 
    • Corporate Representative No. 325313 of Australian Advice Network