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Unexpected inheritance investment choices
by Jeff Thurecht | 19 February 2018

What were their challenges?

Nike & Lauren were fortunate to receive an unexpected inheritance. They didn’t want to blow it or abuse their good fortune so they sought financial advice.

What did they overcome?

It was a lack of experience in dealing with large sums of money, and a lack of financial confidence to know what investment steps to take.

How did I help?

This was about financial education. We moved slowly through the financial advice process, invested the money wisely, and encouraged them not to make any big or hasty changes in the short term.

Now they have grown the inheritance, they could afford to help their adult children, travel extensively and are about to start a very comfortable and financially confident retirement.

What did they learn that I can share?

Learn as much as you can, don’t make any rash decisions, but be more confident in your ability to make informed investment choices.


Invested the funds wisely
Provided financial education to both Nick & Lauren
Provided a retirement strategy


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