Six Savings Tips for the Christmas Season

Ever felt like you have overspent on gifts, drinks with friends or parties during the festive season?

We want to keep your holiday spending in check with these handy tips.

1- Treat yourself a little bit less

This means not staying for “just one more drink” which you know you will regret the next day! It’s also a good time to cut back on any convenience spending such as eating out every lunch. These two items alone can save you nearly $2500 in ‘found money’.

2- Plan a pre-Christmas clean up

This is a great way to get some extra cash to boost your festive finances. Take a look at items around the house that you no longer need or use, like clothes, shoes, jewellery and even furniture and you could either sell these items online or hold a garage sale.

3- Stick to the list you create

You want to make a list of all the things you need to buy and the food you will need to prepare for the festive season. This will help you plan your spending and keep you on track.

4- Give something homemade and from the heart

Giving something homemade can still show your gratitude when you show up to a holiday party and will enable you to save money during the holidays. Cookies, cakes and other baked goods are a great option.

5- Get social with your Christmas shopping

During the festive season many major retailers and even your favourite brands may post exclusive discounts through these social channels. You may get alerted to their sales and deals via their newsletters.

6- Share the load on Christmas Day

Entertaining all the family at Christmas can be quite daunting and expensive. But you can ask everyone to help by sharing with the catering and for each of them to bring a plate of food. If you only buy what you need, you can eliminate throwing away food or eating leftovers for days.

Once your Christmas holidays are done and dusted, start planning ahead for 2020. Enjoy the holidays and if you’d like more information on how we can help with your budget needs, please give us a call on 9232 6800.

I see myself as a financial coach. I coach people to help them uncover what they truly desire and map out an investment plan to maximise the probability of those things being achieved.