Do you know where most of your money is going?

Mindless Spending

Do you know how much did you spent today? 

Do you know where most of your money is going? 

Don’t worry if you answered no to these questions – most people are going through life with a mindless spending approach. It’s usually not until you have a trigger event that you decide to start #adulting.

Some of the most common triggers I see are:

  1. Your friends just bought a first home or investment property.
  2. You want to start a family and realise this means time with no income. 
  3. Your parents are retired and now need to sell the family home as they haven’t built-up any other financial assets to support the possible 30+ year retirement.
  4. You are finally earning a decent income and have a surplus for the first time and don’t want to waste it. 

So what is the best way to overcome this issue? Step one is to develop a mindful spending approach. This doesn’t mean stressing about money, or adopting the frugal approach but knowing you have a plan in place which is going to get you closer to your objectives, and by thinking about how you spend, you are empowering yourself to feel more in control of your money, and your long term objectives. 

This week I met with a client who is overcoming a common mindset blockage where money represents security. In the past, she never quite felt secure, this led to a lack of direction and focus to implement some basic financial strategies to help her build towards her goals. 

Through our work together she has now shared that for the first time she is feeling in control of her position. She started using Ernie which is our cashflow and budgeting app and checking her budget vs her expenses. She wasn’t going without life’s little luxury’s. She set a realistic budget and checked that she was sticking to it. She was tracking her progress; her home loan was reducing and her offset account increasing. She is now feeling in control of her financial situation. Allowing her to focus on the future and now feel comfortable to implement some investment strategies to help build a passive income stream.

Mindful spending doesn’t need to be onerous nor does it need to be approached from a place of frugality. It’s all about being aware of what you spend your money on and directing it towards your future rather than just immediate consumption. 


I see myself as a financial coach. I coach people to help them uncover what they truly desire and map out an investment plan to maximise the probability of those things being achieved.