Market update – Share market falls and what it means for you

As you turn on the news this evening or read your preferred newspaper online, you will be greeted with the news that markets have fallen significantly this morning. At the close of day today (9 March), the Australian share market is down 7.3%, it’s biggest single-day fall since the Global Financial Crisis. What this means in real numbers though is that many portfolios are now sitting at or around where they were in January 2019.

Whilst these falls are large, it is important to note that the portfolios we build for clients are diversified in terms of the assets inside them, and also the managers and investment styles we select. What this means is that as of last Friday when the broader markets were down over 11% for the last month, our Core model is only down 5.61% and our Growth model is down 8.28%. 

Interestingly investors in the Core model remain up 8.94% for the last 12 months and Growth investors are up 10.25% for the last 12 months, even after factoring in these falls.

It is important that when reading the headlines, you have all of the data to ensure you can better respond to negative news as for many of our clients, their portfolios are faring much better than the market and your managers are making decisions on your behalf, and we have confidence in the assets they hold.  

The current market volatility is just that, volatility. Earnings and fundamentals will be impacted by a slowing world economy and frankly that was happening anyway. Quantitative easing is dropping out so markets will find a new normal and you can expect value will re-find its mojo.

This current period is a reflection of uncertainty and when the markets wake up and realise that this latest pandemic is much the same as the 2009 Swine flu and the world response has been far better organised than then, investors will start looking at earnings growth again.

To be clear, we are not trying to crystal ball this, but merely giving you some history as each of the Directors of our license (including Jeff and Marshall) have been operating in financial services and advice for more than 20 years and have seen more than their fair share of market ups and downs.

For now, please do your best to look past the headlines knowing full well that our team are here to support you, and ensure you make the right (financial) decisions in a particularly volatile and nervous period. If you have any questions or specific concerns contact your adviser.

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It’s my job to work as my client’s financial ‘lifesaver’ to ensure that they swim between the flags and that they don’t get in over their heads.