How to get fit even if you think you don’t have the time

In a utopian scenario, there’s always time for a daily dose of exercise. But, making that work in the real world is a challenge. You need to find that ‘zero hour’ in your day to focus on getting yourself fit and into great shape. We talk to Damian from F45 Gyms about how you should set those excuses aside and make that conscious effort to get your adrenaline going and after that, there should be no looking back. Let’s see how Damian can help us find that ‘Zero hour’.

How often should I work out?

Regularity is essential to gain maximum benefit. I recommend people workout at least four to five times a week to get a good mixture of cardio and resistance classes to help lose body fat and gain lean muscle. If you are consistent, you should start seeing changes in your body in about 8 weeks.

Don’t let any excuse come in the way of getting fit

One of the biggest excuses I hear is, ‘I’m not fit enough to go to the gym’. Which is odd, because people usually go to the gym to get fit. At F45, we cater to any fitness level. All the movements we do can be scaled to suit a pure beginner. But if someone’s more experienced, we can also make the exercises tougher. Even if you have an injury, we can assure you that all F45 trainers are qualified and registered with Fitness Australia, so they do have the knowledge to make changes to the exercises to facilitate workouts for certain injuries. So there really should be no excuse, it’s just a matter of taking the first step and giving it a go.

High-intensity interval training is very effective

With this type of workout, you will get your heart-rate really high. And, short bursts of high-intensity training typically burns a lot of calories, which is what most people are interested in. We get our members to work out at about 75% or 80% of their maximum heart rate, so they’re working at almost maximum capacity. That heart-rate zone helps them get a lot fitter and a lot healthier.

When you’re working hard in a class, it also helps to know how many calories you’re burning. So you can actually track your progress with the workouts you do.

How do you measure your maximum heart rate?

The simple way is to deduct your age from 220, which would give you a standard generic number as to what your maximum heart rate is. But the algorithm that is programmed into the F45 heart-rate monitor is definitely more accurate. You can feed in your age, height and weight into the database and it will work out what your maximum heart rate is. So, at an F45 studio, your heart rate will come up on the screen, so even the trainers can see whether you’re working hard or not.

The heart rate display helps us track the efficiency of the workout

When every member’s heart rate is up on the screen, our trainers know exactly when to push somebody. So if your heart rate’s at 60%, you’re not working hard enough. Then we push them harder, in order to get the desired result. The members get a printed report and an email with details about their workout at the end of their session, our trainers get a copy as well.

So, we go back and tell them whether or not they’ve been working hard enough to achieve their goals and motivate them to push themselves more. That’s a great way to instil accountability. People often hold the trainer accountable if they don’t see results, but as trainers, we need to hold the members accountable too. They’re paying us money to make them feel better and look better. So we’ve got to push them to do the work. We can give them the guidance and steer them in the right direction, but we can’t do the work for them.

Our F45 8 week challenge is a great way to get started

Four times a year, F45 has an eight-week nutrition challenge that is organised globally across 27 countries where F45 has studios. Every member gets to jump on board if they want to. There are meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, hints and tips to help you look and feel better. The last challenge we conducted had around 130,000 people doing the challenge. You may be in Sydney doing the challenge and your friend in New York can be doing the same challenge.

Introducing a little bit of competition to make the workout fun

F45 does have playoff workouts that we can run in our studio at any time. That’s ten movements that really test the body. So, you can challenge your friends who are members of other F45 studios, locally or globally and see who’s working harder. So, there’s a little bit of rivalry between studios, each one trying to outdo the other.

Gyms should cater to different levels of fitness and expertise

Studios shouldn’t have mirrors. So people can’t just stand there and look at themselves, they’ve got to work out. A good gym should cater for different levels of fitness, so people shouldn’t think they won’t be able to keep pace. Try working out e with a friend and do your workout side by side. That may make you a little bit more comfortable.

If the gym is really not for you, just get out and get moving

Go for a walk, go for a run or go for a bike ride. There are plenty of great things to do in Sydney. Just go outdoors and do something. Just don’t sit inside and watch TV. Get off the phones, get off the iPads and follow a healthy nutritional plan that includes a lot of lean meats and green leafy vegetables.

Sydney has fantastic weather. You can just walk around the harbour, probably pick up the pace a little and you won’t even realise your level of activity. Just make sure you have nutritional meals to even the scales. Even if you’re not doing F45 workouts, you can download the F45 app and follow the nutritional plans we have.

Don’t wait, your ‘zero hour’ is now!

It’s my job here at Evalesco to work with my clients to maximise the likelihood that they achieve what is important to them in their life.