Five Wellbeing apps for a Healthier and Happier Life

Are you looking for that extra bit of motivation, or just wanting to give your body some TLC? Here are five wellbeing apps from our partner in health AIA Vitality that I think can really help you to live a healthier and happier life.


Sometimes technology doesn’t seem like the most obvious tool for nurturing mind, body and soul. We’re encouraged not to spend too many hours in front of a screen, and often spend time scrolling when we would be better off chasing endorphins.

But when we’re clever with our use of tech, it can be harnessed to aid and boost our wellbeing. From fitness to a healthy headspace, we’ve sourced five apps that work hard to make you happier and healthier.


Calm is a meditation app that provides a mixture of individual guided meditations and prolonged courses that are spread out between one and three weeks.

Looking at topics as diverse as happiness, gratitude, sleep, focus and anxiety, it’s a one-stop shop for helping you find your inner Zen.

As an added bonus, Calm also gives you the option of putting a soothing soundtrack behind your meditation that includes rain on leaves, a beach with waves lapping or a fireplace – bliss. Calm is $19.99 a month, or $139.99 yearly.

Available on iOS and Android.


Probably one of the most popular calorie counting apps out there, MyFitnessPal is a free app that promotes healthy eating using accountability.

When you submit your health details into the app, MyFitnessPal will calculate your daily goals and tell you in no strict terms when you’re nearing your food limit for the day.

Log your food by scanning a barcode and choosing from over six million foods from the MyFitnessPal database. The app will split your diet into protein, carbs and fat, making sure that your body is getting all the nutritional goodness it needs.

Available on iOS and Android.

Dance Break

‘Reclaim a moment for yourself’ is the battle cry from global dance community No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) and VicHealth – the organisations behind freedom of self-expression app, Dance Break.

The free app prompts you to dance just once a day by delivering a random, upbeat track that lasts for a couple of minutes. Let go and dance in any way you like – we challenge you not to feel immediate benefits. (In the long run, dancing has been proven to improve muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness.)

When you’re done, you can also use the app to peruse a map of the world and see who you danced with that day – across multiple countries and time zones.

Available on iOS and Android.

Charity Miles

Ramp up your exercise with a step tracker app that makes money for charity while you’re doing it. Charity Miles is a free app that connects you with corporate sponsors that will pay out for every mile you complete.

You can pick your charity then walk, run and cycle your way to donations that may be small at first but go a long way to helping others. Win-win.

Available on iOS and Android.


It isn’t a new concept, people appreciate like-minded folk – and that’s exactly what you can find on Meetup.

The app is free and depending on where you live, meetups can range from meditation, to life drawing, anti-depression bootcamps to outdoor adventures.

Studies have shown that participation in group recreation provides a sense of value, belonging and attachment. What more could you want from an app?

Available on iOS and Android.

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