Finding your why?

When we first meet a new client we like to start without any assumptions. We really want to understand what’s important to them, what success for them looks like and why? It was nice to see that Vanessa Bennett from Next Evolution Performance is also talking about the same thing in a recent workshop. Here is how Vanessa looks at defining success.

This discussion topic recently came up in a workshop I was facilitating. The interesting thing was that when asked to determine their definition of success, many people in the workshop found the question difficult.

Not only did they find the question difficult, they found themselves judging themselves and a few of them admitted to perhaps being a little judgemental of the definitions they saw by others around them too!

As we embark on a New Year and are no doubt thinking about our goals for this year, here are some tips to help you to be clear on your personal definition of success:

1) Think about your ultimate ‘Why’. This often helps you to put in perspective what definition of success is most congruent with your ‘Why’.

2) It’s your definition that should be relevant to you. Many people spend so much time wondering what others are achieving that they lose sight of what’s really important to them. We are inherently people pleasers. It’s important to remain authentic to yourself before you try to please others.

3) Try not to judge yourself or anyone else. Ok let’s face it, this one’s a toughy, in a world where we are constantly surrounded by KPIs, benchmarking and whatever other fancy terms we have for corporate ‘achievement’ it can be difficult to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Schedule some time for reflection to acknowledge where you are in relation to your definition of success.

Overall it’s important to run your own race. Constant comparison to others wastes a lot of mental energy that you could be using to actually achieve your definition of success.

Thanks for sharing this with us Vanessa. For more insights, you can visit Vanessa’s site.

I have an amazing opportunity in my financial advisery role to make a difference to people’s lives by helping them to achieve what’s important to them.