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Evalesco joins the Together campaign

The team at Evalesco have partnered with over 418 companies to be a part of the ‘Together Australia campaign. The website provides a content hub that has been designed for Australians whose finances have been hit by the strange times we are now living in.  

Editor in Chief of Together Australia, Peter Lynch, says this campaign provides “tips, advice, tools and calculators, courses and literally scores of experts waiting to help. And most of it is completely free. Financial advisers have been quietly working behind the scenes to help families prepare for what might be another disaster. Hundreds went to bushfire regions and helped without pay. Now, they have launched a campaign to make ordinary Australians aware of the help that is available – and they have created a movement that offers free advice, tools and teaching to try and protect families from the coming storm. 

Our Evalesco advisers support Together Australia as we too believe everyone should have access to financial advice. This campaign shares advice from hundreds of fully qualified advisers offering help for free.  

“We believe there is no substitute for a friendly session with a financial adviser. There are stages in your life during ordinary times – buying a first home, having a family or planning for your retirement – when you need the help of an educated and experienced mentor. But these are not ordinary times. The need is even greater.” says Peter. 

Check out our Adviser Kathryn as she meets with a new client affected by the pandemic and discusses the benefits of financial advice and her options. By partnering with Together Australia we are finding new ways to make good, practical financial advice available to all who need it.

If you know someone that has been financially affected by the Australian bushfires or COVID-19 please feel free to share this campaign with themIf you would like to find out more about the Together Australia campaign click here.

I’m the project manager for my client’s finances. I make sure every area is being worked on and bring in support & experts as required.