A guide to feeling good about yourself

Looking good and feeling good about yourself is the first step to building confidence. And, confidence is the key to being successful in both your personal and professional lives – indirectly, the key to happiness.

We talk to Damian, owner of the F45 Gym in Alexandria, about the importance of ‘looking good’ and ‘feeling good’. F45 is all about high-intensity workouts in short 45-minute time frames. With workouts up on the screens, members are pushed and motivated by trainers in each class, keeping them well on track to achieve their goal! Let’s see how Damian can motivate us to look good and feel better about ourselves.

Break down the end goal into bite-size chunks that are actionable

People come to the gym with a goal, but they only have the end goal in mind. Say the end goal is to lose 10 kilos. You should know what the purpose of your goal is, the time frame you’ve set to achieve it and whether it is really achievable in that time frame.

Once you’re clear on that, we can introduce some short-term goals. For instance, a short-term goal can be to attend five sessions in the first week and to follow the nutrition plan accordingly. The key is to instil the feeling that the short-term goal is easily achievable, which motivates you to work towards it.

The most negative thing you can do is step on the scales every week. You do a lot of hard work, jump on the scales and realise you’ve only lost 500 gms that week. So, stay off those scales; let your clothes tell you whether you’ve been working out enough or not. Your clothes will become looser, you’ll start to feel better and you may even be motivated to indulge in a little shopping as well.

So, it’s really about breaking down the larger goal into bite-size chunks that are actually actionable items. Take small steps. When you first start at the gym, it’s definitely going to be challenging. Make sure you make it to at least three sessions in the first week. Book them, come in and do those three classes. To help you with your goals, F45 runs eight-week challenges four times a year. We also go through the goal-setting process and the nutrition plan as well.

Make that commitment to look good and feel good

You need to make a commitment to yourself to actually come in and do the work. When you come to the gym, we will do our best to motivate you and push you towards achieving that goal. But if you’re not willing to do the work, the change you’re looking for will not happen. We only get you for 45 minutes a day. What are you doing for the other 23 hours and 15 minutes? That’s where the downside is. A couple of cookies here and there, digressions from your nutritional plan etc. are all detrimental to achieving your goal.

A combination of exercise and nutrition is required to achieve your goal

The variety we offer at F45 makes it challenging for any fitness level, although not everybody will love the intensity of the training, especially if they’re not strong enough. But, I would recommend that you at least come and give it a try. We actually make everything very simple for our members. Our eight-week challenges include a full nutritional plan and short-term goals. We also have apps to track your training and progress.

Nutrition too plays a big role in achieving the end result. Activity and nutrition as a couple is the key. You can’t do one and not the other and expect results. They need to work together. If you’re working out hard, you need to feed your muscles with the right fuel. With nutrition, you may eat right, but if you’re not going to exercise you won’t get lean muscle. And lean muscle is what makes you look better.

Variety in workouts is our solution to eliminating monotony and motivating people

Every day F45 has a different workout. We have 27 different workout formats, and F45 as a brand has developed over 3,500 different movements that can be programmed into a workout. So you’ll never get the same format or sequence of movements ever. Also, with the 27 different workouts, there are different timings, different layouts and different equipment; we also give our members a mixture of resistance classes and cardio classes. And you definitely need a combination of both to build lean muscle.

So, it’s not about choosing which one is right for your particular goal, both cardio and resistance help achieve different goals that eventually lead to the end goal. Many people come in and say “I want to lose weight” The question is, “Do you want to lose weight or do you want lean muscle?” You need to build muscle so that you get stronger as you get older. We offer three cardio classes a week, two resistance classes a week and our Saturday Hollywood session have a mixture of everything. So we make sure the whole body gets worked.

Hollywood sessions are not as glamorous as they sound; it’s a lot of hard work

Hollywood includes 27 different sets of exercises, and the Saturday class actually goes on for an hour. It has a mixture of cardio and resistance. A lot of F45 studios have DJs during those classes just to bring a little more excitement than usual. But, there’s definitely no feeling of glamour at the end of it. You’ll find yourself dripping with sweat, maybe even feeling a little pain by the time you walk out. But, about 15 minutes later, you’ll be feeling absolutely fantastic.

Start thinking about looking good for the beach this summer

Come summer, you should definitely be thinking about looking good at the beach. It’s important to feel good about yourself too, not just chase after materialistic goals.

You can visit www.F45training.com.au which will take you to the main website and you can search for the studio closest to you. Or you could go to the Alexandria section and send us an email, and we’ll definitely reach out to you.

It’s my job here at Evalesco to work with my clients to maximise the likelihood that they achieve what is important to them in their life.