All you need to know about Mia

I see that a large part of my role is to coach people to uncover what they truly desire and map out a plan to maximise the probability of those things being achieved. Most importantly I help them to overcome the blockages or current state of paralysis by analysis in order to take some action to reach their financial objectives.

I just can’t help but get excited and want to encourage and motivate others in achieving what’s most important to them. Money has such a huge impact in the quality of life and can either be a great tool to enable people to reach their financial goals or be a massive point of stress when mismanaged preventing any chance of personal success.

Great financial advice is so much more than just investing your money, but rather understanding what you want, why you want it, how you are going to get there and recognising that you might need some help along the way.

When I’m not working, I’m usually discovering a new bushwalking track, reading a good book, or listening to podcasts. I also love my bootcamp training. I have been training with a group for the last 18 months and have seen huge improvements in my fitness and strength.

I also like to make sure that I spend quality time with my husband and friends, going on regular holidays even if it’s just a long weekend to recharge and relax.

Financially, I practice what I preach and have a fully automated cash flow system storing money for everything that’s important. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to save for both my wedding and purchase my first home if it wasn’t for this savings structure!

I also have a small regular investment plan, which ticks along in the background. I set a budget each time my circumstances change and use Myprosperity to keep an eye on expenses.

Mia is a Sub Authorised Representative (No. 314482) of Evalesco Financial Services Pty Ltd, a Corporate Representative (No. 325313) of Australian Advice Network Pty Ltd.