All you need to know about Kathryn

I have been the project manager for my client’s finances since 2008. I make sure every area is being worked on and bring in support and experts as required. I know what is important to you, and what lifestyle you want to lead. I keep you accountable to your goals and make your financial plan flexible for life’s curveballs. I make sure you understand the how/what/why/where of your situation and how your money is invested. I help you gain control. And I do practice what I preach – I am on the same journey as my clients. I am using the same cashflow and wealth strategies that I recommend.

I was lucky enough to fall into an industry that I love and started studying to be a financial adviser right away. I’m passionate about finding out my client’s whys and what’s important to them and helping make their finances match these principles. I love working with the Evalesco team where we all work hard and play hard. It’s a good mix of technical knowledge with social interaction. Everyday is something different! Having the support of our great administration team allows me to spend more time with and thinking about my clients and guiding them to their ideal lifestyle.

I like working with great, supportive people who make the workday much more enjoyable – we share the wins as much as the encouragement for the harder times. I enjoyed being able to invite all of the team to my wedding!

I was born in in Sydney and have always lived here – I love it. I grew up in the leafy Hills Districts being highly involved in the netball community. Now I’m enjoying life in the Inner West with my husband, walking home from work and trialling EVERY eatery on King Street. We go to a LOT of sport – I have memberships with the GWS Giants Netball & Sydney Sixers, as well as being a lifelong Canberra Raiders fan. 

By consciously planning and provisioning time for those important things in life – being social, trying new things, sharing experiences with family and friends, rest & relaxation (love massages!), and sleeping well, I am taking care of myself.

Your favourite quote? 

I knew it was a scorpion when I put it on my back. (i.e. don’t be surprised when you knew the risks). 

Your top 3 favourite books and podcasts? 

Podcast – Looks 10 Chat 3. An enjoyable listen about books, movies and television by two smart ladies. A podcast just for fun – My Favourite Murder. Serious stories told by witty women. 

Book – Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. A way to own it but enjoy being a woman in charge. 

What healthy, wealthy and happy means to you? 

The meaning of working & having a career is evolving – it’s about having purpose & knowing your why. A big part of happiness is to enjoy your work given how much time you will spend doing it. If you are only focusing on the wealthy part of your job, you may not be achieving health & happiness, which will impact on other parts of your life, family & relationships.  

I don’t just want to be a financial planner for my clients, I want to be helping them live their best lives, which gives my job purpose. 

What are the values that drive you? 

With women over 55 the largest growing segment of homelessness and the increasing awareness of financial abuse, I want to help all women understand, engage, and actively manage their finances. Financially independent women need a flexible financial plan through different stages of their life, as they move through different relationships, careers, and life stages. 


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) 
  • Bachelor Commerce (Marketing) 
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning) 
  • Certificate IV Mortgage Broking 
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (in progress) 
  • SubAuthorised Representative No. 333261 of Evalesco Financial Services 

Memberships and associations  

  • Corporate Representative No. 325313 of Australian Advice Network Pty Ltd 
  • Professional member of Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)
  • Practitioner member of Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)