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All you need to know about Hung

My role here is to help our clients achieve their goals and become financially free. This involves doing the research and putting in place a plan to make sure our clients are on track to enjoy the life that they want and what is important to them.

Anything from structuring their cash flow, investing, buying their first home and/or investment properties, looking into their superannuation, all the way to putting in place a plan to retire and enjoying retirement. I focus on the short and long-term strategies to ensure clients are able to reach both their lifestyle and financial goals.

I help make people aware of the options they have and the opportunities available – potentially saving them from making bad financial decisions. I help them explore, prioritise and give them the information to make decisions now and when life changes.

I have been fortunate to be able to help so many families and people I consider as friends by being there to discuss options, life changes and share their success.

A bit about me 

I was born and raised in Wollongong, enjoying the sea-side life before joining Evalesco in 2015. I have worked in IT whilst studying at the university which is why I have been gifted the role of IT support here.

My background has been in paraplanning and research. This is where I dove deep into the granular detail and number crunching to make sure the overall plan works for our clients.

You’ll often find me playing a variety of sports on the weekend – anything from squash, golf, hockey and even dodgeball. I do enjoy watching the Australian Open ever year, skiing down the slopes in winter, travelling and generally enjoying time with my family and friends.

Your favourite book? 

The Millennium Trilogy – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. 

What healthy, wealthy and happy means to you? 

I personally believe in being happy means you are supported in all areas of your life. What this means to me is being fit, active and having great support both personally and in the office.

Knowing my own personal financial plan is working in the background gives me comfort so I can help focus on what I do best – helping others.

Having a great team with me and a plan to support my goals, I know I’ll be heathy, wealthy and happy.

What are the values that drive you? 

I grew up assisting my parents with their finances at a young age – so I’ve always wanted to continue that and do that for others – helping my family and friends, make the right decisions.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Financial Planning 

Memberships and associations 

  • Authorised Representative No. 1257045
  • Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)