All you need to know about Cody

My role within Evalesco involves working with the advisers to understand each of our clients’ needs and creating the optimal strategy which best positions our clients to meet those goals. Putting together a comprehensive bespoke financial plan involves a lot of work behind the scenes and it is my job to ensure the process from the initial research strategy through to the implementation of our clients’ plan runs smoothly and the clients receive communication along the way.

I want all clients to trust that their personal needs are central to all advice and their needs are being addressed. My job is to ensure all clients can sleep well at night knowing their financial needs are organised. 

I have four years’ experience working as a paraplanner in the wealth division of two mid-tier Chartered Accounting firms. My experience includes providing holistic advice to a range of client needs and working with other financial professionals to ensure our clients received the optimal outcomes.  

At heart, I am an investment nerd and I love following the market news to stay on top of the ever-changing conditions.  

What healthy, wealthy and happy means to you? 

Being healthy, wealthy & happy are essential to living a long and rewarding life on the terms you choose. People find happiness in a range of different areas of their lives, wealth is just the means which allows people the option to pursue what they find meaningful. Balancing health, wealth and happiness requires a mindful effort and sacrifices but helps lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life.  

What are the values that drive you? 

I personally strive to be trustworthy and competent in everything I do at Evalesco, no matter how small of a task. I am consistently improving my skills and abilities to ensure that I can strategise and implement top quality advice to our clients. The legislative and economic environment is constantly changing and requires ongoing learning to stay ahead of the field and deliver quality outcomes to our clients.  


  • Bachelor of Economics  
  • Bachelor of Applied Finance  
  • Diploma of Financial Planning   
  • Currently studying a Masters in Financial Planning