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Virginia Schreiber

In my role as a financial adviser, a significant aspect involves navigating the intricacies of financial strategies and offering guidance to my clients. Crafting a plan that helps clients overcome obstacles and provides peace of mind is particularly fulfilling. I find genuine excitement in developing well-structured retirement plans and witnessing the increased confidence it instils in my clients’ decision-making. The ongoing positive transformations these plans bring fuel my passion, keeping me both excited and committed to making finance about more than just numbers.

What Healthy, Wealthy and Happy means to you?

Being healthy, wealthy and happy all goes hand in hand to have a successful and fulfilled life. For me this means staying mentally and physically active and making sound financial decisions to be able to enjoy my life surrounded by people I love.

What are the values that drive you?

What I enjoy most about financial planning is helping people achieve their goals and seeing how we can make a difference in their lives. I grew up learning how important it is to be on top of my finances and plan ahead for the future. I’m passionate about helping other people by setting up a good financial plan and providing them with peace of mind that they are well looked after.


• Master of Financial Planning
• Bachelor of Applied Economics
• ASIC Financial Adviser Exam
• Professional Year completed in 2023

Memberships, accreditations and associations

• Member of the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA)
• Corporate Representative No. 1305122 of Australian Advice Network
• Sub-Authorised Representative No. 1296215 of Evalesco Financial Services

Areas of expertise

• Financial Education
• Retirement Planning
• Financial Modelling & Projections


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