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Raphael Vincent Imperial

Being a Financial Planning Assistant, I work closely with our Financial Advisers and help with some project admin tasks. As a new member, I ensure that with all the responsibility given to me, I give quality and dependable output to make the work easier and lighter with the team. This also reflects as a volleyball player that with discipline and perseverance, everything will be possible. As the saying goes, “Hard Work pays off!”

What Healthy, Wealthy and Happy means to you?

This means a lot since I also believe that being Healthy connotes Happiness and leads to being Wealthy. My values resonate with our company’s Vision and Mission to help and make life easier, and to see future with ease and prosperity.

What are the values that drive you?

I highly value progress and adaptability, this makes me able to see a future of myself being able to conquer challenges that make me strong and successful in whatever opportunity comes. As part of the EVALESCO team, I know that my teammates will help me achieve my career goals and become a better person personally, mentally, and professionally.

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Customer Service Representative for 3 years in the BPO Industry (Retail, Telecommunications, and Life Insurance Account)