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Melody Edwards

I see my role as a financial adviser as that of a project manager and financial coach. It starts with helping clients articulate their vision of their future and success, understanding their challenges and complexities and their starting point. From there, we build a comprehensive plan in partnership with our clients including timeframes and progress goals so that we have a clear strategy to ensure the highest chance of their achieving success. As life progresses, I project manage their financial plan by tracking, reviewing and adjusting the plan to adapt to the changes that is life along the way. I love to help people explore and envisage their version of success, being a partner to build a plan and empower them to achieve it. We all have one life to live, why not make it the best life possible? I am inspired by people who seek to make a positive impact on others and who continue to grow and develop.

What Healthy, Wealthy and Happy means to you?

Wellbeing is something that is often skewed and imbalanced without proper attention and focus. Wealth without health or happiness is worthless and they are all interconnected. It is important to look at wealth in the context of all aspects in life. For me, healthy, wealthy & happy means being fit and healthy so I can enjoy life to the fullest with my daughters and husband, fulfilling my passion working with a terrific team to help my wonderful clients and continually growing and learning.


• Bachelor of Liberal Studies
• Masters in Financial Planning
• Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking

Memberships, accreditations and associations

• Member of the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA)
• Corporate Representative No. 325313 of Australian Advice Network
• Sub-Authorised Representative No. 333079 of Evalesco Financial Services
• Credit Representative No. 467955 of Evalesco Financial Services

Areas of Expertise

• Aged Care Specialist
• Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning
• Investment Advice
• Retirement Planning
• Wealth Accumulation & Cashflow Management
• Financial Modelling & Projections

“When life throughs you a curve ball it’s hard to think properly to know what to do and how to do it. I will get on the other side of this, it may take a while but when I do I will look forward to having you assist me with guidance and direction as to where to invest. You have both been so helpful and I appreciate it so much.”
“I'm amazed I'm doing so well in retirement, before I met Melody, I was worried I wouldn't be able to afford a glass of wine, but it's all going so well.”
"Thank you very much for providing our portfolio details with Praemium. We were so worried about the balances of our accounts we were scared to ask the question! It's great to see that the accounts haven't gone down as much as we thought we had, even with us both drawing monthly incomes. We can't thank Melody enough for the advice she gave us".
“I thank you for the quarterly investment update you sent me. It demonstrates the managers’ focus on active management and comments on what has been achieved in the quarterly re-weighting that we observe. Please accept a personal thank you for this information, it is enlightening and informative."