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Marc Bineham

My day job for over 30 years has been as a financial adviser. I was 30 when I first advised a couple ahead of their retirement. At the time, as I was about to go over my report with them, John said to me, ‘Marc, you do realise we only get one shot at this don’t you?’ It was a light bulb moment, a reminder to me that retirement is not just about the numbers but is the start of a whole new life and challenge. This philosophy has stuck with me during my journey as an adviser ever since. I have recently completed my new book “The Money Sandwich” for people in their 50’s and 60’s who are sandwiched between support of their young adult children on one side and their ageing parents on the other, while they are also trying to plan for their own retirements. I am no longer advising but am now investing my time coaching and educating more people in this area as I believe every Australian deserves to retire comfortably and on their own terms. Outside of my work, my wife and I love travelling, especially around Italy, even though I remain tragically poor at learning the language. I still enjoy kicking a soccer ball around the field while in a past life I was a Latin and ballroom dance teacher.


• Accredited Listed Product Adviser (ASX Direct Shares) Accreditation
• Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
• Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)
• Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) Accreditation