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Flexible high net worth

What were their challenges?

As a high income earning executive, currently single yet indecisive about any future plans for starting a family, this client’s challenge was based around financial flexibility. Faced with the choice of renting vs buying, whilst having to pay large amounts of income tax, and wanting property investment advice.

With big career plans but lacking fulfilment in her personal life, finding some balance with starting her own philanthropic fund, she needed a clear plan and advice to maximise her current position but allowing for flexibility if the job/family situation were to change.

What did they overcome?

Indecisiveness, hesitation and doubt about what was the right next financial move, clarity over uncertainty about options and lack of financial guidance.

How did I help?

I helped by talking Isabella through the alternatives. Giving my client various options and reassuring her that there was built in flexibility should she decide to take an alternate path.

We helped with the purchase of an investment property and established an ongoing investment plan so funds would be available should she decide to retire early.

Financial protection was put in place to protect her income and lifestyle, a superannuation savings plan and tax reduction investment strategies devised to reduce income tax payable and to grow her overall retirement savings.

What did they learn that I can share?

You can’t always know with 100% certainty which direction life may take you, but by talking through what’s important and knowing that you have a plan that can change as life changes, access to funds and advice as you need it, you will be more confident to make the most of what comes along.

In the end she got her balance. Isabella ended up meeting Tom, they bought a home together and she left her high pay/high stress job to start a consultancy business. Eventually they got married, established a charity and wrote a book, now they have had a baby girl, Isabella knows she is on track for a fulfilled and comfortable life


Provided various advice options with flexibility
Assisted with the purchase of an investment property
Provided a cashflow budget
Established an ongoing investment plan
Financial protection was put in place
Established a superannuation savings plan




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