Buying property during a pandemic

Each year the Evalesco family helps clients reach goals to be able to go on holidays, retire with peace of mind and even buy their dream homes. We thought it might be nice to share some of these stories with you. Our client Sarah had a dream of owning a property in the United Kingdom and we spoke to her on how she reached her goal.  

What were your property goals?  

I was looking for a barn or church conversion in the UK with natural light, modern finishes and loads of character. 

Why did you choose to live in Devon, UK?  

It started with a trip to Cornwall to explore my family heritage… a visit to Tremethick Cross, which was essentially a toll house on a cross-road in the middle of absolutely nowhere! I stumbled across a stunning church conversion and the property seed was planted. 

What convinced you to build a home instead of purchase a move in ready one?  

It turns out for Sarah that she neither had a barn nor a church conversion. Barn conversions are a speciality of my developer (Poppy Developments) and Shell Cove was a first venture into building from scratch. Their design style remained however… high ceilings, skylights, huge windows, exposed beams and solid oak floorboards. This development offered me the best of all worlds… rolling green hills with sheep, a private beach and a coastal hiking path right from my doorstep. It was love at first sight!” Sarah told us. 

Did the pandemic have an impact on your property plans?  

Very much so… the success of remote working as a consequence of the pandemic, means my company intends to maintain a fully-flexible, location-agnostic working model post-pandemic. We’re a global organization now very fortunate to work any day, any hours, any location as makes sense for our individual roles. Our office remains, however, we also have an option to continue working remotely. It offered me the freedom to look outside London given that a regular commute is no longer a consideration. I feel extremely blessed! 

How did Evalesco help in achieving this goal?  

Evalesco are instrumental in every financial decision I ever make!! They’re the reason I’ve been able to save in the first place, however their service extends well beyond that… they’re true partners that provide the most extraordinary support to make my dreams come true! Buying in the UK as an Aussie wasn’t a simple process. Whilst the UK is very happy to tax me on worldwide income, they’re not willing to consider overall wealth when it comes to borrowing… a loan to 50% of the property value was the best on offer!  

Evalesco made my new lifestyle a reality with savings from an investment account and funds redrawn against an Australian property. Conversations with the team even encouraged me to take a risk and extend my purchase for the most unique of the Shell Cove options.  

 “It doesn’t hurt to stretch to buy something that you will truly value. I was once told that it’s ok to stretch an extra 10% from the budget, for the ideal home.” Hung recommended.  

Marshall encouraged me to list the features of my preferred property so that I’d make the decision that was right for me! I couldn’t be more grateful for the support throughout the entire process, however it’s this bit that was crucial! It’s meant I’m in the house I really love… and the fact its value has increased by almost 25% already is an unfathomable reward! The build isn’t even complete, I’ve been in for less than a month and don’t even have any furniture… this is a truly remarkable outcome! I’d have given up hope very early on if I didn’t have Evalesco by my side!!! 

Many of you may know Sarah as the client who completed the Snowman Trek in 2019 with a broken ankle, a lady who loves to travel and take amazing adventures around the world. Therefore, we couldn’t go past asking her what her next adventure plans were.  

What’s next on your adventure list?  

Anyone that knows me well would think I’d struggle with the pandemic travel restrictions… adventures have been such a massive part of who I am! Now I get to call a magnificent part of the UK home. I’m surrounded by coastal hiking paths that will keep me entertained for weekends to come. I’ll be joining the local rambling club, learning to run again after a year with a broken ankle and a friend is encouraging me to take up ocean swimming in the chilly UK waters. Dartmoor National Park is a short train ride away, with wild horses and Highland cows. I’ll be absolutely fine for quite some time to come before my travel feet get too itchy!!! 

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