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Stop spending, see results
by Mia Taylor | 19 February 2018

What were their challenges?

Mandy was busy earning a substantial income with very little to show for it.

What did they overcome?

My client has improved some rather terrible spending habits and is now investing her surplus income. She also has clear goals which align with her values and a long term wealth management plan to work towards.

How did I help?

The biggest impact for Mandy was the ongoing financial coaching. She wanted to make some positive changes but was lacking the self control to do it alone. We set up a regular investment plan which captured her surplus before it could be spent, and mapped out a long term savings and investment strategy to work towards taking a year off from work. She also had an additional financial goal to purchase an investment property. She now has a very healthy Investment and savings account, and is on track to purchase the investment property shortly.

What did they learn that I can share?

It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you don’t have a plan for your money it will disappear with nothing left to show for your hard work.


Provided ongoing financial coaching
Provided savings and cashflow advice
Created and implemented an investment strategy


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