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Raphael Vincent Imperial

Being a Financial Planning Assistant, I work closely with our Financial Advisers and help with some project admin tasks. As a new member, I ensure that with all the responsibility given to me, I give quality and dependable output to make the work easier and lighter with the team. This also reflects as a volleyball player that with discipline and perseverance, everything will be possible. As the saying goes, “Hard Work pays off!”

What Healthy, Wealthy and Happy means to you?

This means a lot since I also believe that being Healthy connotes Happiness and leads to being Wealthy. My values resonate with our company’s Vision and Mission to help and make life easier, and to see future with ease and prosperity.

What are the values that drive you?

I highly value progress and adaptability, this makes me able to see a future of myself being able to conquer challenges that make me strong and successful in whatever opportunity comes. As part of the EVALESCO team, I know that my teammates will help me achieve my career goals and become a better person personally, mentally, and professionally.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Customer Service Representative for 3 years in the BPO Industry (Retail, Telecommunications, and Life Insurance Account)


“Why should I pay for financial advice?”

The fees we charge for financial advice is only a fraction of the value we derive for our clients, meaning our clients are always better off after seeing us. Rarely do we encounter a new client invested appropriately for their needs, with adequate risk protection, structuring and estate planning provisions in place. Even small tweaks to a financial plan over a long period of time can result in drastically better outcomes for our clients which eclipses the fees of the financial advice. Additionally, you can opt-out of an ongoing fee arrangement at any time.

“What is the process for getting your own personal financial plan?”

After our initial phone call to discuss why you are seeking a financial adviser, we arrange a discovery meeting that outlines what is important to you, your current position, our areas of advice, our approach. We then present a Statement of Advice (SoA) to discuss your goals and our recommendations and go through the steps of how to proceed to the implementation stage. After answering any questions you may have, you will sign the authority to proceed and complete any application forms before we implement our recommendations detailed in the SoA.

“How do you charge for your services?”

In our discovery meeting with you our advisers discuss the initial advice fee and the ongoing fees associated with our services.

“Should I pay more off my mortgage or put more money into super?”

One thing to consider is the interest rate on your home loan in comparison to the rate of return on your super fund. Before making a decision, it’s also important to weigh up your stage in life, particularly your age and your appetite for risk. Whatever strategy you choose you’ll need to regularly review your options if you’re making regular voluntary super contributions or extra mortgage repayments. As bank interest rates move and markets fluctuate, the strategy you choose today may be different from the one that is right for you in the future

“How do I know how much money I will need to retire?”

The amount of super you’ll need when you retire depends on your big costs in retirement and the lifestyle you want. The Associate of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) estimates for a single $44,224 a year and for couples $62,562 a year is how much you may need. This is only an indicator and our advisers assess everyone’s individual circumstances.

“How do I know Evalesco is the right fit for me?”

We know the impact of good holistic financial advice can make and we have the life experience, technical capability and quality support team that can make that difference for you. We’ve empowered over 1000 families through the delivery of great financial advice, to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

“How will I measure the value or success of receiving financial advice?”

We believe the true value of financial advice isn’t found in dollars and cents (although this is important too!) but in the peace of mind a financial plan can provide. It’s knowing where you want to go and how to get there, with a dedicated team behind you every step of the way.

“What are the benefits of a financial adviser?”

Navigating financial decisions doesn't have to be a solo journey. Think of a financial adviser as your trusted co-pilot, guiding you through the twists and turns of financial planning with expert advice tailored just for you.

With a financial adviser by your side, you can make decisions confidently, ensuring each investment fits perfectly with your life's dreams. Their support is key, empowering you to sail towards a prosperous future while enjoying the present, knowing your finances are in knowledgeable hands.

“What are the benefits of financial advice?”

Professional financial advice sets you up with personalised strategies to secure your future, boost your investments, and make the most of your wealth potential. It’s all about making your money work smarter, not harder.

Financial advice isn't just about making money, it's also about boosting your financial know-how, feeling confident in market ups and downs, and taking a smart approach to long-term financial well-being.

“What are the benefits of financial planning?”

Whether you're navigating the highs and lows of today's economy or planning for a future full of possibilities, financial planning is your compass to a secure and prosperous life.

Financial planning empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your money, ensuring that each dollar serves a purpose towards your ultimate financial goals.

Ultimately financial planning will not only assist you to confidently manage your savings, but it’ll also help you to maximise your income, reduce unnecessary costs, and find that sweet balance between enjoying the present and preparing for the future.

“What can I expect from a financial adviser?”

A financial adviser is like the lighthouse guiding you through the often-murky waters of investments, savings, and retirement plans.

When engaging with a financial adviser, you can expect not only expert guidance tailored to your unique financial situation but also a partnership built on trust and mutual respect. This professional will illuminate the complex alleyways of tax laws and investment options, helping you identify achievable goals, and develop a robust strategy to reach them.

Friendly in approach yet serious in execution, a financial adviser translates your financial aspirations into actionable plans, ensuring that each monetary decision aligns with your long-term vision.

“It is worth consulting a financial adviser?”

Navigating the world of finances can sometimes feel like wandering through a maze, where one wrong turn could throw you off track. That's where having a financial adviser on board comes in handy.

With their wealth of knowledge, financial advisers can shed light on your financial landscape, providing advice tailored to your unique goals. They're not just experts, they're like your trustworthy friends in the financial world, skilled at turning complicated market talk into practical tips.

Whether you're thinking about retirement, considering investments, or just aiming to boost your financial well-being, a chat with a financial adviser could make a real difference.

“When is the right time to consult a financial adviser?”

Whether you're evaluating investment opportunities, planning for retirement, or simply aiming to improve your financial health, a financial adviser can serve as the guiding light you’ve been searching for.

If you find yourself unsure about making important financial decisions, or if you're about to make significant life changes, like; starting a family, changing your career, or buying a home, it's likely the perfect time to consult a professional. With expertise tailored to your unique financial story, an adviser can offer guidance that is not just sound but customised to your life's ambitions.

“Do I need a Sydney financial adviser?”

In this dynamic economy, a Sydney-based professional adviser not only gets the local fiscal landscape but can give you advice that really hits home with your personal and business goals.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of property investments, aiming for a comfortable retirement, or planning strategic business growth, a Sydney financial adviser offers more than just guidance. They provide an important local partnership that considers local nuances, values your vision, and strives to turn it into a reality.

“Do I need to prepare for a meeting with a financial adviser?”

When meeting with a financial adviser, think of it as a step toward taking charge of your financial journey.

To make the most of this meeting, a bit of prep work can make a big difference. Gather your thoughts on your finances, note down any burning questions, and sketch out your dreams.

Your effort will turn this upcoming talk into a helpful and enlightening chat, leading you towards financial clarity and confidence. Together, with a little prep, you and your adviser can chart a course for your monetary success that's as rewarding as it is robust.

“What to know before meeting with a financial adviser?”

Meeting with a financial adviser is a big step towards financial wellness, a chance to navigate through investments, savings, and retirement planning. Before you meet them, make sure you have the right questions and a clear idea of your financial goals. Whether it's securing a comfy retirement, saving for a big purchase, or optimising investments, knowing your current financial situation is key.

Go into the meeting openly, ready to chat about not just money, but also your life's dreams. A good adviser won't just handle your money, they'll guide you to your desired future with advice personalised to your unique situation, all in a warm and friendly conversation.

“Are financial advice fees tax deductible?”

Generally speaking, when it comes to your tax return, fees paid for investment advice can often be claimed as a deduction, especially if they relate to earning income from investments. This is a great incentive for individuals to proactively manage their wealth and also receive tangible relief come tax season.

While everyone's situation is as unique as their financial goals, it's always prudent to consult with a tax professional to ensure you're getting the most out of your potential deductions.

“What services do your financial advisers provide?”

At Evalesco, our team of experienced financial advisors is here to help you navigate towards financial success in a way that's personal and profitable for you. We know it's not just about the numbers, it's about nurturing your dreams and customising strategies to fit your unique story. We provide the following services:
● Building Wealth ●Personalised Investment Advice ●Superannuation Strategy ●Finance and Lending, ●Tax planning, and ●Wealth Protection

At Evalesco, we're not just advisors, we're your financial allies, armed with knowledge and compassion to support your financial well-being.

“Do you offer a free consultation?”

Absolutely, we welcome the opportunity to offer you a no-cost consultation. It's the ideal starting point to explore why you're considering financial advisory services.

During this initial chat, we’ll not only focus on your motivations but also schedule a comprehensive discovery meeting. This is where we really start to understand what's important to you, gauge your current financial landscape, and explain the scope of our advice and our approach.

Following the discovery session, we craft a tailored Statement of Advice (SoA). Think of the SoA as a personalised roadmap outlining your financial goals and the strategies, we recommend to help you reach them. We will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you feel fully informed and confident in how we can proceed to the implementation stage together.

“What questions do I need to ask a financial adviser?”

When you're chatting with a financial expert, feel free to ask about any financial worries or future plans. A good adviser expects and appreciates your questions, as they help steer you towards success.

You can start by asking about their experience, then dive into their investment strategies, and don't forget to talk about fees.
As one size doesn’t fit all, ask how they tailor financial plans, and how will they adapt as your life changes.

Before you leave, make sure you're clear on communication and how often you'll review goals together. This chat sets the stage for financial clarity and security, approach it confidently and ask away.

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